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Best Laptop Under 20000 Rs. in India (July 2016)

Best Laptop Under 20000 Rs. in India (July 2016)

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Asus was the company that introduced the world to netbooks, low-cost computing devices that were cheaper and more portable than notebooks. This was back in 2007 before the inception of tablets and before smartphones went mainstream. Flash-forward nine years down the line and the netbook is all but forgotten, or is it? The release of the Asus EeeBook X205TA seems to suggest otherwise. The new EeeBook model is the Taiwan based manufacturer’s way of reinvigorating its EeeBook series of netbooks that dominated the market back in 2007. So is this laptop the best laptop under 20000 Rs.? Let us find out.


Best Laptop Under 20000 Rs. : Asus Eeebook X205TA

Best Laptop Under 20000 Rs.

Price14,989 Rs. @ flipkart-logo amazon-button Snapdeal_Logo (1)
Model NameEeeBook X205TA
Screen11.5 inches, HD LED Display
Operating SoftwareWindows 8.1
Processor1.33 GHz Intel Bay Trail-T (Quad Core)
Storage32GB eMMC
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics
Web CameraVGA Webcam
Size286 x 193 x 17.5 mm (980 g)
Battery2 cell


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Design and Built

Gone is the thick and chunky body of the original EeeBook netbooks and in its place is a sleek streamlined body with soft round edges. Available in red, gold and white, the new EeeBook model is quite the looker. This machine weighs a meager 980 grams and has a thickness of 17.5 mm, meaning that you will not have trouble carrying it around. Additionally, this netbook can be stretched up to 120 degrees thanks to its hinge mechanism. With the exception of the flap, which features a glossy finish, this netbook has a smooth matte finish that adds to its design appeal.

Best Laptop Under 20000 Rs.

The glossy flap sports the unmistakable silver Asus logo. This netbook has no vents as it is a fanless machine. The physical dimensions of this machine are 11.2 x 7.6 x 0.6 inches. Amazingly, the EeeBook X205TA is weighs less than the pricier HP Stream 11. This netbook comes with an 11.6 inch display. Overall the X205TA model has a sturdy construction and its plastic chassis has a premium feel to it.


Specifications and Software

The 11.6 inch display of this netbook features a resolution of 1,366×768 pixels. Compared to other laptops within its price range the display on this machine is quite impressive. Connected to this display is a Chiclet style keyboard. The latter keyboard 58 grams and offers a decent typing experience. However, someone transitioning from a fully-fledged notebook to this netbook may find it a bit difficult to use. Nevertheless, the keys on the keyboard are well-spaced and you are unlikely to experience any problems while typing for long sessions.

According to Asus, the trackpad on the X205TA model features the same technology found on the touch displays of its smartphones. Interestingly, the track pad is quite large and has a good mouse response. Though the single button is a common feature of netbooks within the X205TA price segment, the large track pad is not. In addition, the track pad supports a number of touch features including Windows 8 edge gestures, two-finger pinch and web scrolling. The track pad measures 4.1 x 2.45 inches.

Best Laptop Under 20000 Rs.

The netbook houses two stereo speakers. The stereo speakers deliver a decent amount of volume. The speakers produce an impressive 89 decibels of sound from 23 inches. This amount is impressive when compared to the 90 decibels produced by the pricier HP Stream 11 and 91 decibels produced by the equally expensive Acer Chromebook C720P.

Similar to other netbooks, the X205TA model has very few ports. The right side of the netbook’s keyboard deck houses two USB 2.0 ports while the left hand side houses a Micro SD card slot, a Micro HDMI port and a combo headphone/jack mic. Just above the display is a 420 p webcam.

The Asus EeeBook X205TA runs on the Windows 8 Operating System, which comes pre-installed. In addition to the OS you get a one year subscription of Microsoft Office 365. This subscription includes both offline and online versions of MS word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. Being a Windows netbook, this machine gives you access to the Windows Store. Additionally, you also get access to a host of third party apps including Photoshop, VLC media player just to mention a few. The Microsoft Office 365 apps do not come pre-installed. Instead you have to install by using a code found on a sheet of paper that comes with the netbook. Once you have activated the suit you will be able to install it in one smartphone and tablet.


Performance and Battery

Being a low cost netbook, not much is to be expected from the X205TA in regards to performance. Nonetheless, the 2 GB of RAM installed is sufficient for everyday use. Additionally, this machine can run all the Microsoft applications without stuttering. Also you will not have any problems when navigating through multiple web browser tabs. Admittedly, this netbook is not designed for heavy users. That being said, this netbook packs an Intel Atom Z3735F processor clocked at 1.3 GHz. Although this processor is common in most budget Windows tablets, its performance is not too shabby. Thanks to its fanless design, this computing gadget is silent and does not heat up.

Best Laptop Under 20000 Rs.

The Intel HD graphics card found on this netbook is not the best out there. However, it must be noted that being a budget machine, the Asus X205TA is not designed for graphics intensive games. Nonetheless, this graphics card can handle casual games such as Plants Vs Zombies. Moreover, the card can also handle more complex games such as Heroes of Warcraft.

Though some may be disappointed by the 32 GB of eMMC flash memory available on this machine, it does offer the option of storing files in the cloud. Towards this end, the netbook comes with a one terabyte of OneDrive storage, which is more than sufficient for storing all the files that cannot be accommodated by the flash memory. In addition to the OneDrive storage available you also get 100 GB of storage of Google drive for two years. As if that is not enough, Asus throws in 500 GB of its Web storage service.

This Asus netbook offers a number of connectivity options including Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.1 b/g/n. The Wi-Fi adapter on this machine is dual band, meaning that it can transmit in both the 2.4 Ghz and the 5 GHz band.

The battery of the Asus X205TA is a 32 Watt battery that according to the manufacturer keeps it powered for up to 12 hours. The excellent battery life is courtesy of the small screen.


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The Asus EeeBook X205TA might be one of the cheapest and best laptop under 20000 Rs. out there; however, this is not to say that it is a poor performer. On the contrary as is evident from this review, this Asus netbook is a beyond average performer and comes with specs and features not commonly found in its price range. That being said, this is a great entry level machine to purchase especially if you are looking for your first computing gadget.


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